Job overview
We are looking for a Senior Customer Experience to join our growing products and services development and create a sustainable competitive advantage for HSC. The candidate will play a leadership role required to supervise and oversee the strategy, planning and execution of the organization’s overall customer experience goals. This includes liaising with other department heads to ensure having other teams contribute to provide customers a seamless experience across touchpoints.
The candidate oversees the delivery of a seamless customer experience across all stages and touchpoints in a customer journey and helps the company continually achieve greater customer satisfaction, increased efficiency, and profitability. The director CX plays a key role in outlining and achieving how customers perceive the company while driving higher customer satisfaction, NPS, customer retention, new business growth and profitable turnovers. As a member of the senior team, the Senior Customer Experience is expected to be a strategic business partner and contributor, understanding key business drivers, and building effective relationships throughout the organization.
Key responsibilities
- Lead the design and implementation of user experience on digital platforms/ tools

• Apply user-centered design solutions that meet business requirements
• Facilitate product vision by concepting, wireframes, visual design, and prototyping experiences for digital products
• Provide directions on conducting user research, such as requirements elicitation, field observations/ evaluation and usability testing.

- Strategic thinking and foresight

• Foresee market changes, dynamism in customer expectations and strategy to guide the company to live up to those expectations in the fast-evolving digital world.

• Responsible for driving CX strategy trends in the organization’s domain of business. 

• Create and implement an analytics strategy for best-in-class service delivery. Leverage existing and additional relevant technologies for reporting and analytics across customer service and other customer facing functions/ channels

- Ability to understand business objectives and align CX accordingly 

• Clear understanding of the company’s business objectives to strategize CX efforts such that it contributes to the achievement of the business goals.

• A clear picture of business objectives and the ability to align CX with the same, puts the Senior Customer Experience in a stronger position to get buy-in from the CEO and CXOs and to propagate a customer-centric culture within the organization.

• Liaise with directors or heads of other teams such as sales, marketing, customer support, branding, finance, IT, and account management to ensure customer-centricity in their respective departmental work and help them deliver in accordance with the overall customer experience strategy.

- Interpersonal, networking and influencing skills

• Liaise with or convince CEO, other CXOs, leaders and business stakeholders to align with the customer experience strategy, product and service design which requires great interpersonal, communication and influencing skills.

• Ensure that the customer experience team works in collaboration with all other business functions, consistently delivering great end-to-end customer experience across stages, channels, and touchpoints in the predefined customer journey.

- Problem-solving and analytical skills

• Leverage data insights for constantly enhancing customer experience 

• Extracting useful or actionable information from data analytics along with strong problem-solving skills is a power-packed combination for ensuring customer experience gaps do not occur or are resolved efficiently.

• Identify potential concerns and their respective solutions to be able to guide the team to be able to deliver best-in-class customer experience

• Have data-driven mindset and an aptitude for technology

- Working backwards to lead the end-user experience

• Visualize end-user experience and then work backwards to plan, strategize, and execute CX efforts to deliver great experiences 

• Crystal gaze what a customer will experience through each interaction with the brand, across touchpoints and then design the CX strategy accordingly


1. Education level

• Bachelor‘s Degree or Master‘s Degree

2. Knowledge & Experiences

 5+ years‘ experience in customer experience, have experience in or with knowledge of quality management systems such as ISO, 6-Sigma, lean leadership.

• Demonstrated capability to design and implement a well-articulated roadmap and strategic vision for CX.

• Experience designing qualified products and services.

3. Technical skills

• Good project management skills and/or substantial exposure to project-based work structures, project lifecycle models, etc.

• Excellent understanding of the organization’s goals and objectives

• Ability to think “big picture” terms, detail implementation plan.

4. Soft skills

• Leadership focus and orientation.

• Excellent decision-making ability based on growth, with a data-driven mindset.

• Excellent communication skills with an ability to foster an open dialogue among all stakeholders that encourages respect and honesty.

Lương: Thỏa Thuận
Phòng ban: Operations
Hạn nộp hồ sơ: 18/06 — 31/07/2024

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