Primary Objectives

The Technical Architect is responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining software within agreed standards across front-end applications and back-end applications integration for the HSC Retails Platform.

Main responsibilities

• Evaluate business needs and provide scalable technology solutions with a focus on performance and resiliency in terms of software/application specifications and design documents based on architectural blueprints designed by the solution architect and/or Head of Digital Technology.
• Analyze current technologies used within the company and determine ways to improve. Presents and defends architectural, design, and technical choices to support our technology goals.
• Provide the development team with architectural blueprints to follow.
• Guide and assist the development team in resolving technical issues throughout the development process to ensure consistency with initial design, and to ensure software meets all requirements of quality, availability, performance, security, etc. via critical steps of Technical Design and Code Reviews, refactoring of application state, etc.
• Troubleshoot and resolve issues with coding or design.
• Develops high-quality code that follows industry standard best practices and considers performance and resiliency.
• Ensure that the work plan is properly assigned, major timelines are cascaded with the Digital Technology team and the correct documentation is in place and communicated regularly.
• Carry out the day-to-day tasks such as stand-up calls, meetings, deployments, and relevant important activities.
• Support leading and mentoring engineers to achieve a greater level of programming skills.
• Ensure corrective and preventive maintenance and service requests are prioritized and properly delivered.
• Ensure that service, operational, and support requirements are taken into consideration and solutions are ready to be transitioned to the live.
• Responsible for ensuring that sufficient testing of solutions has taken place to minimize any disruption during the transition to live.
• Ensure that the right levels of communication are provided, relationships around the business are developed and nurtured and the expectations of key stakeholders are managed.
• Improve the product quality and productivity over time.
• Work closely with cross-functional teams to successfully monitor the progress of initiatives.


1. Education level

Bachelor‘s degree in computer science, information technology, engineering, system analysis or a related study, or equivalent experience.

2. Knowledge & Experience

• Minimum 10 years of experience working in software development, and at least 5 years in the Technical Lead/Technical Architect position, with proven experience in designing scalable and large systems and making high-level technology decisions.
• Good knowledge of software and service design (SOA, microservices, messaging, 12-factor methodology).
• Minimum 3 years of experience in architecting complex projects across technologies like API development, Microservices, Enterprise service bus, and Messaging technologies.
• Experience in designing different types of APIs and articulating their value proposition.
• Knowledge and understanding of different modeling languages (such as UML …).
• Good understanding of strategic and new and emerging technology trends, and the practical application of existing, new, and emerging technologies to new and evolving business and operating models.
• Good knowledge of Cloud, Containers, and PaaS platforms, formal certification from either GCP, Azure or AWS is a plus.
• Experience with products and architecture/delivery of solutions in any of Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, GCP, ... is a big advantage.
• Have knowledge of DevOps and container management platforms like Kubernetes and Docker, familiar with CI / CD and Agile software development processes.
• Strong understanding and familiarity with the fundamentals of cloud systems administration.
• Experience in banking, finance, or securities sectors is a big plus.

3. Soft skills

• Ability to present complex concepts and solutions in a way that’s easy to understand to non-technical audiences.
• Excellent troubleshooting and communication skills
• Can communicate verbal and written English
• High responsibility and teamwork
• Can work under high pressure
• Ability to meet deadlines and deliver within our high-demand environment
• Required to be a highly motivated team player, focused on customer satisfaction and solution/results driven.

Lương: Thỏa Thuận
Phòng ban: Digital Transformation Initiative
Hạn nộp hồ sơ: 14/06 — 31/07/2024

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