1. Manage and maintain the HR Information System (HRIS)
• Update changes of personnel information on HRIS
• Operate and upgrade the HRIS system
• Support services related to online registration processes on the HRIS system such as leave registration, business trip registration,...
2. Ensure personnel documents are fully stored and in accordance with company regulations
• Store and manage the personnel documents
• Follow and collect probationary evaluation and labor contract extension evaluation
• Issue and save decisions of appointment, dismission, contract termination
• Employees’ confirmation
3. Ensure tasks related to PIT fully and promply in accordance with current regulations
• Consodlidate and create monthly PIT reports for the whole company
• Consoldidate and create annual PIT finalization for the whole company
• Support employees in Southern region to register tax code, dependant, tax documents, and report PIT via online system.
• Support to answer employees’ concerns about PIT
• Support to complete tasks related to Tax department
4. Perform task related to C&B
• Control monthly timesheet and calculate commissions for Retail Client Division.
• Deploy and implement benefits programs such as health and accidental program, annual health check, pension…
• Proceed social, health, unemployment insurance, the benefits of social insurance such as sick, maternity,...
• Register and pay travel insurance fees for employees if necessary
• Receive and proceed payment for employee benefits according to company and union regulations such as marriage, childbirth, bereavement, etc.
• Make periodic reports on labor, labor safety, and occupational accidents for Vietnamese and foreigner
5. Support service to Expat
• Support to apply work permit, temporary residence card/ visa for expat and their relatives (if any)
• Follow up and proceed payment related expenses such as rental housing fee, tuition for children,…
• Assist in explanation other information
6. Manage and provide HR services
• Receive & answer questions about personnel isues
• Advise employees to better understand policies, regulations and procedures
• Coordinate with the Retail Client Division to implement the Client Partner Program


1. Education level 
• Bachelor degree with major in Economics, Law, HR Management, Business Administration
2. Knowledge & Experiences 
• At least 2-year experience in C&B.
• Knowdlege of HR Management and Labor Code.
• Basic knowledge of Finance – Accounting, Security Law.
3. Technical skills 
• English writing and speaking skills
• Proficient in Microsoft Office
4. Soft skills 
• Problem solving skill
• Influencing interpersonal skill
• Presentation skill
• Independence, take initiative
• Understand people’s psychology, attitude and behavior.

Lương: Thỏa Thuận
Phòng ban: Human Resources Management
Hạn nộp hồ sơ: 20/03 — 19/04/2024

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